Alvise Lullini

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Copy of Letter

Link to letter from 1582

April 20, 1582. 690. ALVISE LULLINI to HENRY SAVILE. I did not so impatiently wish for you while I was at Verona as I do now that I have returned to Venice ; whether it be that locus ipse me admonet in which we used to converse so delightfully, or merely on account of that blessed ειδωλων Φαντασιαν of the Epicureans, by means of which not only do you often touch my memory, et in pectus advolat, but also Insula Britannia, your fatherland, which seemed so foreign to our man of Arpinum. But pray let us set aside these fancies. To me in truth no plaster could come better adapted to diminish my desire, than your letter, in answering which αυθωρςι (this moment) I promise so to do that you shall be satisfied both with the map (?) of that demostr. sec. Arabas and also with the information about the undiscoverable books ; of which I am shortly expecting a very copious inventory from Patmos, whither my agents in Candia have already sent writers to copy anything that is good there. Περι πρκκτικων there shall be no lack of diligence, though those gentlemen are pretty jealous of me about your business. Et hæc quidem αποτομως, reliqua σχολης. Only let me know where to address, which I beg you to advertise me quicquid et ubicunque terrarum eris. I am looking for Gemistus and the Halicarnassian, intending one day to repay you with a like gift ; wherewith I remain, etc. My salutations to Mr Neville.— Venice, 20 April '82. Add. Endd. 'the year I came out of Italy.' Ital. 1 p. [Venice I. 4.]