1606 Sep 15 Neville to Thomas Windebank

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1606 Sept 15 Neville to Thomas Windebank

S[i]r, I am much ashamed of the errors which were redoubled towards you yesterday. First by my self in forsaking you And next by my people, in their yll attending you. My hope was to have killed our deere in time to have re turned to you to dinner, But when I saw he had car[-] ryed us out as farre as Cramborne, and that yt was not possible for me to com back in time, I thought yt as good to stay out his death, presuming of their discrecion at home, not to have stayed your dinner for me. But I perceave errors yo[u] not single but one commontly begets another, as bad, if not worse then my self. I pray you pardon both; ?Con[-] fession and contrition you have already, which are two parts of penance. The third, satisfaction, sall be when ?a ?hon, you will ?Injorne yt. And so hoping, and desyring to heere, that your comming abroade yesterday, did you no other harme, but the losse of your dinner, I commend me hartyly unto you, and rest

Evermore at your commande Henry Nevill

Update 1/26/2019: John O'Donnell offers a different reading of some of these lines: A couple of corrections to the transcription of Neville's letter: …But I perceave errors go not single but one commonly begets another, as bad, yf not worse then yt self…The third, satisfaction, shall be when & how, you will Injoine yt…