1599 Feb 17 Neville to Thomas Windebank

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1599 Feb 17 Neville to Thomas Windebank

Original Spelling Transcription

Transcription by John O'Donnell

Sr. I was yesterday with Mr. Secretary & mooved him about som gentlemen that are desyrous to go over with me, that yt would please him either to procure them especyall licence, or at the least to insert their names especially into my passeport; which he very willingly assented vnto, & willed me to deliver their names vnto you. I have heerevnder written the names of those I desire to be specially remembred & I pray you hartyly to take knowledge thereof vnto him, at your next conveniency. And so with my most harty commendacions I take my leave and committe you to god. From london the xvijth of february 1598

your assured freend to commaund. Henry Neuill.

Sr. Jonathan Trelawny

Harbert Morley esquire

Richard Carew esquire

Thomas Moone gent

John Chambers clerke and fellow of Æton colledge