1598 December Edmondes

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Original at National Archives. Transcription by John O'Donnell.

Sr. Beeing commaunded by her matie. to prepare my self to serve as her ambassador in france, where your long Compliment [deleted: & experience, hath] hath gained you both knowledge of the affaires & reputation, I [deleted: am bold both] assure my self both in respect of the common end of our imploiments tending to the service of her matie, & [deleted: vpon confidence] of that ingenuyty & naturall courtesy which all men command in you, that I shall find all good correspondence in you, that is fit to be betweene her maties: ministers yet notwithstanding, I thinke yt my part to make yt my particular sute & request vnto you, as a matter whereby not only her maties. affaires shall receave advancement, but my self [deleted: shallbe] allso a particular obligacion. And for that purpose, having determined to send over this bearer my Steward, to provide me of a convenient howse & other necessaries against my comming, I thought good by these few lines to salute you & to contract acquaintance & amitie with you; which I shallbe further ready to increase by all the good offices I may, either at my comming or before yf you please to vse mee. And further to commend my said Steward vnto you, praying your freendly advice & direction, in such matters as he shall stand in neede of yt. The rest I reserve till my comming which I suppose willbe about the beginning or middle of february. And in the meane time with offer of all the best offices I am able to perfourme towards you, I take my leave. from the court the of december 1598

Your very assured freend & at your commaundment