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Court news. Nov 14, Francis Wyndham to Nathaniel Bacon: ‘The Queen’s Majesty is gone to Eton College and from thence goeth to Sunninghill where Sir Henry Neville is gone to make provision and so leaveth all his business’. Neville: Keeper of Sunninghill Park, Crown property. [Bacon, ii.143].


https://folgerpedia.folger.edu/mediawiki/media/images_pedia_folgerpedia_mw/0/0d/ECDbD_1580.pdf Calendar Volume Title: Acts of the Privy Council of England: A.D. 1542-[June 1631]. Vol. 16: 1588. Reign: Elizabeth I Entry Number: Vol. VII, [98] Page Number: 214 Document Ref.: PC 2/15 f.239 Date: 1588

Vol. VII, [98]. 1588. [Meeting] At St. James', 3 Augusti, 1588

Popish vestments and suspected persons.

p. 239.

A letter to Sir Henrie Nevill, knight, of thanckes for the care and paines taken by him and the Maiour and his brethren of the towne of Readinge touching the discoveryng of certaine suspected persons, wherwith by a letter from the said Sir Henrie Nevill to the Threasurer of her Majesties Houshold their Lordships have been made acquainted; he is directed to committ Oliver Coxhedd and Combes (in whose house the cope and vestmentes were founde) unto the gaole untill he shall receyve other order from their Lordships; touching Vachell of Ixeston their Lordships have wrytten unto Mr. Michell Blu[n]t, Sheriff of the county of Oxon, to commit him, from whom the Lords have receyved a letter that he ys come to him to offer him self a prisoner; requiring requiringe (sic) the said Sir Henry in the mean time to take into his custodie the fower skore pound founde in his man's chestes, and he shall herafter understand what is further to be don therwith; the Popishe bookes he is ordered to see torne and burnt, and to deface the copes and vestmentes and afterwardes to bestowe them uppon such poore men of the towne as tooke anie paines in the discoverie, as uppon conference with the Maiour of the towne he shall thincke meete.


X.d.502 (4) Letter from Sir Henry Neville to Nathaniel Bacon: autograph manuscript signed, 1589/90 January 22 2 leaves (bifolium)

Written from "Greneland" [i.e. Greenland, either Yorkshire or Cornwall]. Concerning the sinking of the Revenge in a storm. Nevell will be pleased for his wife, Betty, to have the lease for a farm and expects that Sir Nicholas Bacon will give her 200 pounds towards it. Great provision has been made against the Spanish, but he is too lame to help in the defense. (See Acts of the Privy Council, xviii (1589-1590), p. 324 for the recovery of the Revenge by Sir Henry Palmer and Mr. Burrowes before 20 January 1590.)

X.d.502 (5) Letter from Sir Henry Neville to Nathaniel Bacon: autograph manuscript signed, 1589/90 March 3 2 leaves (bifolium)

Dated: Shrove Tuesday. Written from "Greneland" i.e. Greenland, either Yorkshire or Cornwall. His wife may do as she pleased about the lease, because she wears 'the bryches.' In his opinion, the Duke of Mayne loses many followers by taking the 'Burgunyon Crosse', and the 'king of Spaine p[re]pares w[i]th all spede to eate us up.' Also includes some family news.